Why You Should Consider WordPress for your Business

Why You Should Consider WordPress for your Business

WordPress has become one of the most versatile web platforms available today. The reason this content management system or CMS is so popular is because the average person can do things with WordPress that formerly would have required the involvement of a server-side programmer and database expert. It is an excellent example of what is possible with n-tier development and demonstrates the cost-savings and power of separating content from presentation.

Content management systems in general and WordPress in particular have become quite popular with businesses. The system allows different kinds of companies to present their products and services in many different ways, many of which have a positive impact on sales. WordPress also allows companies to communicate with their customers in ways that even as recently as ten years ago would have been very difficult if not impossible. Here are some things to consider about W

ordpress that will be of interest to you, especially if you do business on the web.

Ease of Installation

Almost every web host now makes a standard installation of WordPress available through technologies like the cPanel server-side configuration dashboard for hosted accounts.

This means it is not necessary for the average user to configure things like databases, server-side software, or any of the administrative options that are available if you are trying to install WordPress manually. This can be an enormous time-saver and allows the average business to get up to speed relatively quickly. It also allows management to concentrate on the content of their website rather than the presentation the software or the many administrative options.

WordPress has also made significant strides in recent years by including numerous enhancement options in its own dashboard and control panel. Plugins, themes and other add-on software can now be installed by clicking a button instead of opening an FTP client and managing uploads and downloads.

Search Optimization

Because of its popularity, WordPress has made possible a wide variety of options for search optimization. Large search engines like Google have also developed a variety of ways to index WordPress sites and pages more quickly and then present that information to its users more efficiently.

What this means for the average business is that by installing WordPress it is likely you are giving your site an advantage in search results without even knowing it. If you take the time to optimize your site for search engines you will find WordPress provides you a large number of options. Plugins, for example, make it much easier for you to manage search-relevant things like tags and keywords and then to measure your results using other plugins that access services like Google Analytics directly. Again this can be an enormous time saver. To do all of these things manually would require hours and possibly days of valuable time which would probably be better spent investing in your products and services and marketing your business to your customers.

Advanced search optimization is also possible using WordPress as a basic platform. Dozens of books have been written on the subject, and even search engine developers have had a dramatic effect on the direction CMS innovations have taken in recent years.

Separating Data from Presentation

From a development standpoint it is always better to separate your data from any technology used to present that data to users. The reason this is so important because if your data and presentation are not separate, every time you change the look of your website you will be forced to go back to process all of the data that you have previously entered into your content management system so the two remain compatible.

WordPress separates your data from your presentation on a basic level. All of the data in your WordPress website is stored in a database. The presentation of that data is made available through a different facility called a theme. Themes in WordPress control how your website will look to the end user. They have no effect on the data that you have entered into the website, so your articles, tags, categories and images do not have to be re-processed if you decide to want to change your theme.

The content management system is one of the most efficient and cost saving technologies made possible by Web 2.0. If you are looking for a way to set up a business website, especially if you use that website to interact with your customers, WordPress is an excellent option. Time invested learning the the software is time well spent. The more you work with WordPress and the more you learn about what is possible with it, the better your website will be.



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