The Importance of Consistent Branding

Have you ever wondered why some businesses are unbeatable or why you would instinctively know a business simply by watching a commercial on television or seeing a print ad in a magazine or website? Well, the answer is in consistent branding. A successful brand gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. It communicates your core values, your products and what sets you apart from others.

A strong brand will go a long way in attracting and retaining customers. A great brand should reflect everything that you do. Customers should connect with you from the moment they see your advertisement to the time they walk into your store or visit your website. You cannot underestimate the influence of a great brand. It enables your business to:

Stand out among other business

In cut-throat competition, a great brand will make you stand out in your customers’ mind. Ensure that you can connect with your clients in a way that your competitors cannot.

Drive its authority and trust to clients

You need to understand that clients don’t make decisions on their own. Whenever a customer wants to make a purchase decision, he/she will likely get the opinion of other clients who have used your product before. Customers will only trust your business if they were satisfied with the products they bought or the services they received. When they gain confidence, they will quickly share the information with other potential customers and even give you good reviews.

To achieve higher sales hence make more profits

Branding will attract more customers who want to buy your products. If you have a great brand, you will have repeat clients who will even refer other customers who would want to make a purchase. This will increase your sales and make more profits for your business.

Have a personality and an identity that many clients would identify with

Every business desires a great image. A great image is everything and every business desires to have an identity that customers can relate to. Branding gives your business a personality. It communicates what you do and the products you provide. This marketing strategy enables your customers to connect to you better.

To create brand recognition and customer loyalty

The impression that clients get when they come to your business to buy your products and services is what will keep them coming back. Branding yourself as a business that offers efficient services and quality products to customers will always keep your customers loyal.

Brand consistency

To gain much from your branding campaigns, you have to ensure you do it consistently. Consistent branding positions you in the market better than your competitors. Consumers want to identify with you and your purpose. Customers will always want to purchase from you if they feel part of you.

Ensure that the messaging and visual branding is consistently applied in all channels of communications. This will help reinforce trust and brand identity. The feel, look, and terminologies have to be the same across all communication channels. There has to be visual cohesion between the logo, brand colors and messaging.

You should strive to implement this for every marketing piece. You can include this on all business cards, letterheads, banners, invoices, websites and any other thing that relates to your brand. It is possible to know if your business is consistent and to identify that, simply do a small survey among your employees by asking them what the company stands for or what it means to them. Their answers will help you know whether you are consistent in your brand or not.

When trying to create consistency, do the following

• Strive to know your target audience.
• Consistently repeat your messaging
• Ensure that the colors and the design styles are the same.
• Use the same typography.
• Use images in your advertisement campaigns.

The importance of consistent branding helps you send the right signals and make you more dependable. Imagine a scenario where your adverts portray you as a number one service provider in a particular industry yet when clients come to your business, what they get is poor quality services! You would have lost these clients and a potential for them to refer other clients to your business. This means that everything about you should be consistent. It makes customers trust you. Send the right signals by doing what you say. Customers love it when you are predictable.

Makes you trustworthy

Do you ever wonder why you buy a particular brand? It is because you know what to expect and that you trust that the outcome will always be great. Customers would love to believe in you, and brand consistency will make you trustworthy. It is not all about making your product known to the market, but it goes further than that. Make customers want to come back always.

It makes your marketing much easier

Consistency in your branding will make marketing your products much easier. Your clients will find it easy to trust you and your products, and they will always be loyal to you. Marketing becomes much easier when you do things consistently.

As a business, you have to take advantage of every opportunity to market yourself. Customers want to have that feeling of belonging. When they get to this point, they will trust you, and once they do that, they are likely to remain loyal and even refer other customers to your store. Brand consistency makes you trustworthy, dependable and gives you an edge in marketing your products.



About the Author Yuriy Kraynov

Founder and CEO of KMM Agency. Yuriy holds an MBA from Columbia College and has over 12 years of branding and online marketing experience. He has a strong passion for creativity, strategic planning and client relationships.

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